Dolce Children growing into beautiful dogs, so proud of our active owners at Shows, canicross competitions, behavior courses etc.

Several dogs already made their x-rays:

GM Delightful Delani - HD AA, ED 00

GM Daenerys - HD AA, ED 00

GM Derek for Harmakhis Wisdom - HD AA, ED 00

GM Dark Night - HD B

GM Diamond - HD AA, ED 00

All about our Browny Delta from Sweden, love him to the moon and back!

Pictures made by the best owner Malin :*

All Dolce children moved to their forever loving homes!

  • Godsent Muse Diamond aka Terry - is living in Carnikava, Latvia and is coowned by us

  • Godsent Muse Dream On You aka Jack - is living in Tallinn, Estonia

  • Godsent Muse Dolce Vita - is living in Helsinki, Finland

  • Godsent Muse Derek for Harmakhis Wisdom - went to sunny Italy

  • Godsent Muse Demi - is living in Ogre, Latvia with 2 children (kinckled tail found)

  • Godsent Muse Delightful Delani - is living in Jelgava, Latvia and is coowned by us

  • Godsent Muse di Amber - is living in Vilnius, Lithuania with 2 children

  • Godsent Muse Dark Knight - is living in Helsinborg, Sweden with his big brother ridgeback Atlas

  • Daenerys Godsent Muse - is living in Saulkrasti, Latvia and is coowned by us

  • Godsent Muse Diara Riah - is living in Tallinn, Estonia (multiple crowns)

  • Godsent Muse Dante aka Indi - is living in Tartu, Estonia

Dolce children are growing very fast! You can watch their Album HERE

We proudly present Litter Dolce !

On June 27, Olivia gave birth to 12 puppies, 8 boys and 4 girls, all with ridges! No DS or kinckled tails has been noted thus far, but we will continue checking as they grow.

One boy has an offset ridge, one girl has a short ridge with 3 crowns and some puppies have extra white on the belly.

Unfortunately 1 boy went over the rainbow...after 1 month...RIP

One girl got tail deformation, we found at the age of 2 month.

Here you can see our 6 weeks old first stacked pictures.

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We have made Volhad puppy aptitude test in the age of 50 days. You are welcomed to study our results below.


Puppies video diary

Our beautiful Litter's parents:

Sire: Harmakhis Wisdom Amarone Moki

(C.I.B. RidgeRules Ifa My Treasure x C.I.B. Harmakhis Wisdom Quasha)

Health (test results):

Dysplasia HD-A/A, ED-0/0, OCD - free

Degenerative Myelopathy - N/N - non carrier

D-locus (Dilution) - D/D - non carrier

B-locus (Coat color brown) - B/B – non carrier

Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME) - N/N - non carrier

Ridge gene: R/R

Full scissor bite, 67 cm

• Junior Champion of Italy

• Champion of Italy

• WDS 2018 - TOP 4 - Intermediate Class

• EDS 2019 - Excellent - Open Class

See more pictures of Moki HERE

Dam: Jelany Red Olivia Godsent

(C.I.B. Jelany Red Djimbo Farey x CH Jelalany Red Zhaklin Chanel)

Health (test results):

Degenerative Myelopathy - N/N

D-locus (Dilution) - D/d

B-locus (Coat color brown) - B/b

Dysplasia HD-B, ED-0/0, OCD - free

Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME) - N/N

EOAD - clear

Full scissor bite, 65,5 cm


• Junior Champion of Latvia

• Junior Champion of Lithuania

• Junior Champion of Estonia

• Junior Champion of Baltic countries

• Junior Champion of Russia

• Junior Champion of Belarus

• Junior Champion of Ukraine

• Junior GRAND Champion of Ukraine

• EDS 2017 - Junior Prize Winner

• Champion of Latvia

• Champion of Lithuania

• Champion of Estonia

• Champion of Baltic States

• Champion of Russia

• Champion of Belarus

• Candidate to Champion of Italy

• Candidate to Champion of Slovakia

• Candidate to Champion of Croatia

• Cruft's Qualification '18 '19 '20