World Dog Show'23
Geneva, Switzerland

Godsent Muse kennel has represented itself in a style with absolute success!

Olivia can be proud of her offspring: Hati, Crystal, Darko and Ta-Ta!  

Godsent Muse also became - 3rd Best Kennel at WDS 2023! 

Let's start from our Champion Hati:

GODSENT MUSE Delightful Delani was placed all 3 days! This means a lot!  Hati became a Candidate to Swiss Champion! 

At Geneva Grand Prix'23 under P.F.Berchold :

He won the Class, got CAC, rCACIB, BM-2 

At the World Dog Show under Lisebeth Mach :

Became 2nd in Class with rCAC  from a huge and strong class of 21 dogs!

At the RR World Specialty he got 4th Place 

Under breed specialist: Stinne Elgaard

And Won - Best Head competition!!! 

GM Future Dream aka Darko became 3rd on Geneva Grand Prix, 2nd Junior at WDS'23, and the Junior Male WINNER of RR Specialty! 

What can I say, except that both of our boys did great in such strong competition  but also:

Our young star Ta-Ta, GODSENT MUSE Femme Fatale on Star Fire  was placed all 3 days as well! And on the day of WDS she won Intermediate class and received her last point to become New Champion of Switzerland  at the age of 17 month! Congratulations to the owner Jasmin Hoppe! 

Godsent Muse Clap Your Hands is our - Excellent - girl with no placement this time.

We congratulate all participants and thank for beautiful prises and organisation!

Thank you for this picture Валерия Юртаева !

Special thanks goes to Рамона Миронова for everything :*

Was really happy to see old and meet new friends, Mattia Cenci, Sara Venturelli, Elena Johansson, Linda Friedland, See you soon!

#godsentmusekennel #rhodesian #ridgebacks 

IDS, Rogla, Slovenia'23

Godsent Muse Kennel - BEST IN SHOW Kennel !!!

Together with my special ladies Ksenija Pahovnik & Jasmin Hoppe!
GM Femme Fatale on Star Fire, GM Free Soul of Safari & GM Clap Your Hands!

It was suh a pleasure to meet our kids from Slovenia and Switzerland, and moreover without any trainings to win BEST IN SHOW!!! Thank you again :*

Euro Dog Show'23, Denmark

Now officially - GM Delightful Delani aka Hati resCACIB! 

Welcome Vice European Winner 2023 !!!

Honourable judge: Christian Jouanchicot

134 ridgebacks in catalogue / 23 strong Champion Class ! 

Congratulations to all participants & winners!! 

European Dog Show'23 

Godsent Muse kennel  at EDS Denmark'23 

Best Kennel in Breed & BEST IN SHOW - 4!!! 

Out of 23 beautiful kennels! With our MULTI CH, vEURO Winner Hati, JCH Darko & CH Crystal 

Honourable judge: Christian Jouanchicot (FR)

Huge thanks to our friends Kennel Evaland & Valeria Shunkarova-Sai for your support and help!

March 2023

Our JRT Babies turned 8 weeks old! Now they are starting to move to their families!

And we have some beautiful pictures to share with you!
Check them on PUPPY PAGE

Our Jack Russell terrier puppies are 4 weeks old now!
We become very active & playfull!
New pictures available on the Puppy page 

February 2023

GM Delightful Delani aka Mister Muscle at Nitradog Carnival Cup!

IDS Nitra- 17.2.2023

Judge: Jozef Jursa (SK)

Champion class: Exc. 1 CAC/4 CACIB, BOS

RR entry: 55 dogs

IDS Nitra- 18.2.2023

Judge: Patricia Burunkai (HU)

Open class: Excellent

RR entry: 69 dogs

IDS Nitra- 19.2.2023

Judge: Marian Konecny (SK)

Champion class: Exc. 1 CAC / 4 CACIB, BOB

RR entry: 50 dogs

        Aaaand BEST IN GROUP 1 !!!

JRT Litter - G babies born on the 14th of January - 2 girls and 4 boys !

More info and pictures available on the Puppy Page

Dear friends, 

my Facebook accounts @natalja.musina, @godsentmusekennel, 

as well as @GMpetservice and @Dzivnieku pieskatisana ka majas  -  ARE STOLEN & BLOCKED !!!

You can reach me via Whatsapp +371 28811332, email:

 or my husbands Facebook account @jevgenij.musin

Happy and peacefull New Year 2023, dear friends! 

FCI 6th Group Specialty 2022

The last show of the year and so special!


Honoured judge: Wieslawa Misterka Kluska (Poland)


Our little girl GM Feel Like Superstar aka Saphire - Best Puppy, BEST IN SHOW Puppy - 2 !!!

GM Delightful Delani finished as Best Male - 2!

GM Coco Chanel was placed as 3rd Best Bitch with CAC!

GM Clap Your Hands aka Crystal was on Fire:

Best Bitch, Best of Breed and BEST IN SHOW - 3 !!!


Also our kennel participated in BIS Kennel & Brace competition with nice results, thank you Valerija Shunkarova and Elizabeth Vitola for your help :*

Thank you our dear Latvijas Dalmāciešu, Rodēzijas ridžbeku un dzinējsuņu klubs - LDRRDzK , girls, for this wonderful day!

JRT Puppy plans 2023

We plan a Litter from our JRT Rubi in January 2023!

The father will be our beautiful young boy Mon Cheri Jack Sol Major!

More info will follow!

Always on the TOP - Edgars & Hati !!!

Proud of the Super Team! Boys did 15 km together in canicross winter competition in Estonia!

Got 2nd place in Elite class & 4th place in total!

November 2022

Bazze got his Genocan results: he is R/R - ridge dominant and EOAD - clear!

Proud of our children!

Just look at our boy (out of Vard & Olivia) at the age of 6 month!  Farros lives in Ventspils with his dog sister Samoyed, you can follow them on Instagram @pawsomness_duo

Thank you so much, dear Sabine!

June 2022

Proud of our dogs on World Dog Show Madrid, Spain 2020/2022!

This was a crazy long trip of around 7000km, but we did it in the best way we could!

We have 2 Brand New Champions of Spain - GM Delightful Delani and GM Clap Your Hands!

On the first day RSCE Winner - Hati got Exc, Crystal won Intermadiate Class, received CAC and became Best Female 3!

Judge: Vilar De Queiroz Soares 

On the second day Specialty - Hati became 3rd in Class / Crystal 2nd

Judge: Vanessa Moyano 

On the third WDS day - both Hati and Crystal won their Classes On World Dog Show, received CAC and Spanish Ch !!! 

Judges: Perttu Stahlberg and Siret Lepasaar 

Our Future Litter babies are ready to go to their new forever homes!

Godsent Muse kennel proudly presents Litter F for Spring 2022!

Puppies born on 18th March! 14 miracles - 4 boys and 10 girls!

Proud parents: 

European Winner 2021 - Ridge's Star Halvald & CIB, MULTI Champion - Jelany Red Olivia Godsent!

More info on the Puppy Page

We plan a New Litter in our Kennel in March 2022 from our JR Olivia Godsent!

More info will follow soon HERE!

Waiting list is opened!

You can contact me through email:

FB Natalja Musina / @godsentmusekennel or 

Whatsapp +371 28811332

January 2022

So happy to announce the first babies out of Hati & Indy have arrived on 8th January in Chech Republic!

We have 11 puppies, 6 boys and 5 girls! 

3 babies with multicrowns, 1 baby girl with white sock, no ds or other fault found by now 

December 2021

UPD: all babies moved to their forever homes!

We have JRT puppies!

Our longwaited Litter from our gorgeous girl Rubi is born! Here we are 6 puppies: 2 males & 4 females!

More info on the Puppy Page 

October 2021

Proud Breeder and co-owner of our boy

Godsent Muse Delightful Delani who became the WINNER of WORLD Specialty of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Brno!

He also gained a Prize Winner on WORLD DOG Show, Brno 2021!

October 2021

Baby Crystal became res. Junior Winner on WORLD Specialty of Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Brno, Chech Republic!

More pictures available HERE

On WDS Day Crystal got Exc. and was selected to Top 9 junior females.

Honoured judge: Hanka Pankova

July 2021, Reto Winner:

our children GM Clap Your Hands & GM Ramzess closed their Junior Champion titles!


Ridgeback entry: 14 under J. Straume (LV)

What a results for our Dream team!  


Godsent Muse Clap Your Hands - JCAC, BB-2, New Candidate to LV jChampion! 

GM Daenerys "Di-Di" - BOS to her brother 

GM "Ramzes" - JCAC, BM-4, JBOB and

r. BEST IN SHOW Junior Winner

GM Delightful Delani aka Hati - CAC, BOB,  BEST IN SHOW - 1  !!!

Godsent Muse Kennel proudly presents:

GM Delightful Delani aka Hati as a Stud Dog!

More info about our beautiful boy you can find on his page HERE

May 2021

Spring is in the Air! Have a nice time to watch our wonderful Ridgebacks pictures by talanted Inna Grinn HERE

GM team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021, our dear friends!

October 2020

5 weeks old Candies photosession

Best pictures by Alexdesign

Click here to see full Album

Proud of our boy Hati

14th October 2020

Godsent Muse Delightful Delani - BOB & BIG -2 / 5 on Valmieras Autumn Cup 2020

15 month old

(Harmakhis Wisdom Amarone Moki x Jelany Red Olivia Godsent)

Honoured judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari (Finland)

 BOB & BIG -2 / 5 on Valmieras Autumn Cup'20

Candy Litter

On the 22nd of September 2020 11 wonderfull candies were born - 3 boys and 8 girls!

Mommy and children feeling very good! Growing so fast!

More info on the Puppy Page

"Candy Litter" wedding photo :)

Waitinig for little ridgebacks in the end of September!

More info on the Puppy page

With love from Olivia & Rufa

Ogre Winner 2020 

Our wonderful juniors rocked again! 

 Godsent Muse Delightful Delani aka Hati - JCAC, CQ, BM3, Ogre Junior WINNER’20

 New Junior Champion of Latvia !!!

On the second Day BOB & BIG-2 / 6 !!!

 Godsent Muse Daenerys aka Didi - JCAC, CQ, BB1 & BOO , so proud of our girl at the age at 13 month 

Ogre Junior WINNER’20  !!!

Beautiful picture by

#godsentmusekennel #rhodesianridgebacks 

Proud of my Children - Hati & Didi

Hati BIG-2

We are proud to be a part of European Ridgeback magazine Issue 4 !!!

You can find and explore online version here: 

Or irder printed version of your personal magazine here: 

Huge thanks for cooperation and your work: Snezka Kuralt, Zhanna Godjajeva, Elizabeth Moser, Viktorija Bdajcieva!

Perfect weekend at Alytus Dog Show in Lithuania!

 July 25-26, 2020

Godsent Muse Daenerys - F. Junior Winner, BOO

      New Junior Champion of Lithuania!

Godsent Muse Delightful Delani- Junior Winner, Best of Breed!

      New Junior Champion of Lithuania!

      TOP 10 Best in Show Juniors (out of 30), BIG-1 & BIS-4 

 Didi & Hati together became Best Brace -1

Honoured judge: Leni Finne

Inlovewith Head Over Heels aka Rubi - 2xBOB & BIG-3 !!!

Pictures by @Eve Photography available HERE

#godsentmusekennel #rodezijasridzbeks #rhodesianridgeback #rhodesian #ridgeback

Puppy Plans 2020

We plan a second Litter of Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies from our beauty MULTI Champion and INTER Champion girl JR Olivia Godsent for upcomming autumn 2020. 

More info will follow soon on the Puppy Page

NDS Daugavpils

June 2020

Our sweety JRT Rubi showed her in the best way!

Inlovewith Head over Heels aka RUBI - went to Open class to close Championship of Latvia & she did great! Both days CQ, CAC, BB2 (from 6) after granny Bella. 

So we have a brand New Champion of Latvia!

Our Super weekend on the Daugavpils NDS !

First Show after lock down, and first shows in Juniors for our children Hati and Didi, who made us proud again!

Hati got 2xJCAC, 2xBM2 (out of 4), New Candidate to Junior Champions of Latvia!

Didi got JCAC, CQ, and BB2 after mummy Olivia! New Candidate to Junior Champions of Latvia! 

Our Juniors went to Pair competitions for the first time as well! We have a lot of fun together! Selected to TOP-8 Best Pairs :D

Olivia rocked the ring both days - 1xBOO, 1xBOB & BIG-2 on the second day!

More pictures & videos of the Show days available HERE

DOLCE Litter's 1 year old party!!!

June 7, 2020

Thank you all again for comming, so proud of our friendly on socialized children!

Ria, Terry, Olivia, Didi, Demi, Indi, Amber & Hati, who came the last :D    You are the best! 

Really missed our family part from Sweden, Finland and Italy !

More pictures from the Party available HERE

February 15, 2020

New year has started with first show for our Dolce Children with nice results!

Read more

Our dear Olivia rocked the Ring in Valmiera!

Read more

Our Dolce litter puppies are 8 month old now!

Here you can explore, how our children are growing and changing, their first steps in big life!

                                   CLICK HERE

We wish you Happy and attractive New Year 2020!

Our Super couple Rocky & Rubi rocked in Panevezys last weekend!

Honour Godsentjacks closed - BALTIC CHAMPION title by Winning the class +N !

INLOVEWITH HEAD OVER HEELS aka Rubi - won Junior class +N !!

We are back from our beatuful trip to Sweden, where we brought the last child after 12 weeks carantine


Speciality Ridgeback Dog Show. Italy

Last October we traveled to Italy to visit our friends from Harmakhis Wisdom Kennel and to participate in Rhodesian Ridgeback Speciality Dog Show.

Olivia received Excellent in Open class with nice critique from the Australian judge Lyn King!

5th October 2019

XXVI Raduno RR Club Show d'Italia 

OLIVIA 3 month after puppies born entered RR Speciality & received Excellent in a huge Open Class of 19 bitches and was selected to top 10 bitches. (we didnt enter Champion class, cause by Italian rules, there is no challange for CAC)

Judge: Mrs. Lyn King (AUS)

Our Litters Sire - MOKI - won Champion Class of Speciality 1/10 and became Best Male 2 out of 100 dogs! 

June 16, 2019

Moki on EDS Wels

June 1, 2019

Brand New C.I.B. & MULTI CH

April 27, 2019

We spent wonderful weekend at our friends Harmakhis Wisdom kennel