General Information:

Name: C.I.B. Godsent Muse Delightful Delani aka *Hati*

(Harmakhis Wisdom Amarone Moki & JR Olivia Godsent)

D.O.B.: 27/06/2019 

Breeder: Natalja Musina

Kennel: Godsent Muse, FCI/LKF

Owners: E.Bukšs & N. Musina, kennel Godsent Muse

Colour: red-wheaten

Sex: male

Hight: 68,5 см

Weight: 43 kg

Health results:

HD-AA, ED-00, OCD - free, LTV-0 (free), Spondylosis-0 (free) 

Eyes check - clear

Teeth: Full dentition, scissor bite

Genetic test results:

JME - N/N, DM - N/N, Hemophilia B - N/N by Laboklin

IVA - N/N, EOAD - clear, D-locus - D/D, B-locus - B/B

Ridge disposition: R/R - by Genocan

Show results:

WDS Geneva, Switzerland: 2nd Place in Class with rCAC, 4th Place / Best Head - on RR Specialty,
rCACIB, CAC - on Geneva Grand Prix!

Vice European Winner 2023 in Herning, rCACIB, Denmark  

Crufts'Qualifivation'24 - at IDS Druskininkai, LT with CACIB, BOB & BIG-1! 

INTER Champion, MULTI Champion / NitraDog Carnival Cup '23, SLO - 2*CACIB, BOS, BOB, BIG-1 

Class Winner on World Dog Show Madrid'22 - New Champion of Spain 

Class Winner on IDS under European Dog Show Paris'22  - Candidate to Champion de France 

Prize Winner on WDS 2021 Brno / The WINNER on WORLD Specialty of Rhodesian Ridgebacks 2021 /

Spanish Champion, Czech Republic Champion, Baltic Champion, BALTIC Junior Champion , Junior Champion of Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia

Candidate to Champion de France, Candidate to Champion of Slovakia (2*CAC), Candidate to Champion of Swiss

BIS-1 at 6th Group Specialty'21, BIS-3 on IDS Palanga, BIS-4 on NDS Alytus'20, BIG-1x4, BIG-2 x 4 , BOB x 11 

Ogre Junior Winner 2020, BOB Puppy

Hati - rCACIB on EURO Dog Show, DK

Honoured judge: Christian Jouanchicot 


Hati - rCAC on WDS'23 in Swiss

Hati was placed all 3 days during WDS Geneva, got rCACIB, CAC and rCAC, he also won Best Head Competition on RR Specialty!


Hati on WDS Madrid 2020/2022

CAC, New Champion of Spain

European Dog Show Paris France'22

IDS day under breed specialist Orit Nevo

Hati won Class, received CACs and became a Candidate to Champions de France!

Hati - The Winner on World Specialty of Rhodesian Ridgebacks!

Honoured judge:

Šarka Štusakova

170 rr in catalogue!

WDS 2021: Prize Winner!

Honoured judge:

Matyas Jaroslav

More pictures available HERE:

Hati CACIB, BIG-2 on IDS Tallinn, EST September'21

Hati CACIB, BIS-3 on IDS Palanga, LT                  September'21

Honoured judges: Grzegorz Weron, Marko Lepasaar 


What a result for our Dream team..! 

GM Delightful Delani aka Hati - CAC, BOB and


Honoured judge: J.Straume

HATI at 22 month old

Pedigree of the database

Pedigree Godsent Muse Delightful Delani.pdf

Hati BOB & BIG-2/5 at Valmieras Autumn Cup 2020

Honoured judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari (Finland) 

Hati BIG-1, BIS-4 at Alitys NDS, July 2020

New Junior Champion of Lithuania

Honoured judge: Lenni Finne (Finland)

Hati BIG-2/6 at Haapsalu NDS, August 2020

New Junior Champion of Estonia

TOP 10 Juniors / 50

BOB & BIG-2/6

at Ogre Summer Dog Show, July 2020

Hati in motion

July 2020

Hati was born in a litter of 11 puppies out of Moki and Olivia, Litter "Dolce" in June 2019.