Welcome to GODSENT MUSE Kennel's web page, our site dedicated to the majestic Rhodesian Ridgebacks (RR) and Jack Russell Terriers (JRT).

Our first RR angel Naomi Sinbest inspired  us to start this long and interesting way into Dog world since 2004.

Here in Latvia, the RR is not very common, but they certainly attract people to learn more about this Rhodesian/South African breed. The RR can be described as loyal, intelligent, confident, dignified, agile, strong-willed, protective… and a loving family member.

Our RR family is comprised of  Olivia, Crystal, Saphire, Bazze and Gefest.

To complement our RR family, we have our JRT’s - Rubi and Zhora. The JRT is a lively, independent and clever breed from originally from the UK. The key word about our JRT’s is ‘lively’…the endless energy they have can even make our RR’s need a break from it all. They are fun and their moto is ‘go, go, go’, but they too have some similar traits as the RR, except on a physically smaller scale,

so called  ‘the little big dog’.

Faithfully yours, Natalie